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God’s Girl camp is a time for tween girls (age 8-12) to be able to learn about how to walk as a a girl after God’s own heart. The world has plenty of lies it is pouring into young girls’ hearts, and they are often times undiscerning and quick to swallow those lies that cause them to walk in the footsteps of Eve in believing the lies of Satan, and instead of submitting to God’s word submitting to her own desires and feelings. This age is a vital time in a young girl’s life when her understanding of what the gospel says, who God really is, and how she is to respond as a young Christian girl. This is a key time to uproot the lies of works-righteousness, and plant understanding for true beauty, God’s heart for modesty, sexual purity, and His desire for them to be repenting of sin regularly, using their gifts and talents to glorify Him, and walking with him consistently through trials, hardships and for a lifetime. Their attitudes, actions and feelings are rooted in their belief system. If their understanding about God and themselves in light of Him is off-base, their attitudes, actions and feelings will also be off. Our hope is to provide a fun, upbeat time filled with biblical teaching, the heart behind obedience, small group discussion, quality crafts, games and healthy snacks that will encourage girls to become aware and mindful that Christianity is more than just making a decision or walking an aisle—It is about a life devoted to knowing and walking with Christ, while making Him known to others. Moms are invited and encouraged to stay if they want to. The study will be based on the book, Lies Girls Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free by Dannah Gresh. We will be encouraging moms and daughters to follow up with these mom and daughter books and to pursue an intentional study together following the camp. 

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